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Po-Corporate Teams


In order to succeed in today’s rapidly changing markets, organisations expect almost superhuman performance from their teams and from their leaders. We can help you to unleash your full potential. Our clients are among the largest and most demanding corporations in the world.

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Po-Fund Managers

Due to the current financial situation, raising funds in 2015 will be tougher than ever before in history. Selling to Limited Partners will require you to be at the very top of your game. We can help put you there. We have helped raise over $2.5 billion since 2005.

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Po-Heroic Results


Quickminds – Smart Communication, Heroic Results

No doubt you probably used to dream. About being something or somebody special? Being the greatest that or the fastest this? Well, we did too.

But there is a challenge as you get older, isn’t there? You’re probably familiar with it. The one about avoiding cynicism and still keeping the enthusiasm to believe in them, right? Oh yes, that one.

At Quickminds, we’d like to think that we can help make each other’s dreams happen.

Our dream is about communication excellence. About being the very best there is. About being the one that others talk about.

Why? Because the best communicators often get the best results. In business and in life. They have a clarity and passion that sets them apart. They are able to see different perspectives while staying true to what they believe in. They inspire, empathise and command respect. They also raise money quicker, lead businesses better and grow companies faster.

At Quickminds, we make sure that our clients are the best communicators, bar none. In fact, we like to think we make all our clients feel like Superheros. One’s with a unique blend of skills which set them apart and give them a special confidence.

This isn’t just some kooky idea. We have a track record of working with some of the most demanding people in the world’s top companies. In fact, our team consists of some of the world’s top coaches and professionals with vast experience in areas such as pitching, leading, fundraising, selling, entrepreneurship and team effectiveness.

If this appeals to you then we could be a great fit. But our approach is not for the faint-hearted. It’s challenging, direct and sometimes painful. But it’s also a lot of fun. And no, we won’t make you wear a tight-fitting spandex costume. Unless you insist.

If you are a Corporate Team, Fund or Entrepreneur we’re ready to make your dreams happen.

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Having a great invention won’t guarantee you a successful business…est investors.

Nine out of ten European technology startups fail within the first three years. Whether working to increase your sales quickly or finding the right investors, we can swing the odds in your favour. We have helped over 200 tech startup companies since 2009.

At Quickminds we can help you to accelerate your business and to attract the find the right investors.


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